Hear from our clients! Modern Bathroom

"We choose DBR Interiors because Dougie was one of the most personable people we spoke to and it was a really good quote and it also felt like he was going give us, and do work based on what we wanted whereas other people, other quotes we got they were quite pushy with ideas that in retrospect we didn’t really like, but we felt like we had to do it.

It just felt like the right choice to go with DBR Interiors.

Redoing our bathroom, it was a really small space so the way DBR Interiors made the design work was really great because we have a nice comfortable, cosy bathroom that doesn’t feel like any space is wasted.

I’m really happy with the work that was done. In retrospect it could’ve been done faster but I think with any construction work the timeline is always different than what we anticipate. It’s been a year since we had the work done and it’s a small thing to think about. There’s really nothing I would change.

The quality of the products has really stood out over time. I mean it’s been a while since we had the work done in the bathroom and it still looks really beautiful, shiny and there hasn’t been any maintenance or anything needed or anything like that or any repairs needed so I’ve been really happy with the quality of the items put in.

We did have an issue with some of the fixtures on our bathroom radiator but Dougie was really great about coming and sorting and replacing some of the fixtures. So it was a small problem and it was fixed really quickly.

I would definitely say DBR Interiors was good value for money. I’m so happy with the work that was done."

You can read more on Eamon and Avalon's bathroom in the 'Our Work' section on our website.