ArtiCAD Design Software

ArtiCAD design software sets DBR Interiors aside from our competitors. The innovative design software allows your dream kitchen and bathroom to come alive, before we’ve even picked up the tools!  You'll be amazed at how effective it will be in helping you make choices on even the smallest of parts of your bathroom or kitchen.

We can bring this into your home and it will play a key role in the design and collaboration stage of the DBR Journey.   During this process it will help you visualise what the space will look like and what your new interior will look like when it’s installed.

One of the great things about ArtiCAD is the ability to drill down to finer details like handles and lighting.

 Pan 360° is another aspect of the ArtiCAD software DBR Interiors have. This is a panoramic design viewer which produces a 360 degree clip of your potential bathroom or kitchen. This can be operated on a tablet device which will allow you to move the tablet around the room, easily visualising where your furniture, lights and other elements will be situated.

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